Reading Challenge: Canterbury Tales – Day 3

Canterbury Tales (Everyman's Library, #74)

Just Finished:The Cook’s Tale

Currently Reading:The Man of Law’s Tale

Current Page:122 (20% of the way through, according to Goodreads)

Editor/Translation:Arthur C. Cawley – Middle English

Favorite Tale:The Reeve’s Tale

Current Leader:My roommate Katie, by about 50 pages.

Impressions:The stories themselves are hilarious, enthralling and diverse. But I’m thinking we should have chosen a modern English translation instead of sticking with Middle English. It’s so hard to read and decipher, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it (maybe!). My current strategy is to read a summary of the tale online before I read the actual tale, so that I know what’s going on. And I am taking breaks between the tales so my eyes don’t cross. It’s helping, I think. It’s going to be hard to rate this because I wouldn’t wish this reading on anyone, but I like the tales.




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2 responses to “Reading Challenge: Canterbury Tales – Day 3

  1. Your reading challenges sounds like a lot of fun! I love read-alongs or reading books at the same time as friends so that I can discuss them as I go.


    • We do them every couple of months so that we can tackle stuff we wouldn’t read otherwise. It’s fun to discuss them, but it’s also fun to complain about them, especially if it’s a super hard book!


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