Reading Challenge: Canterbury Tales – Day 6

Canterbury Tales (Everyman's Library, #74)

Just Finished:The Man of Law’s Tale

Currently Reading:The Wife of Bath’s Tale

Current Page:158 (26%)

Favorite Tale:The Reeve’s Tale

Who’s Winning:My roommate Katie

Thoughts:It’s easier to read the tales if I know what’s going on, so I am reading the summary before the actual tale. But it’s still really hard to get through each tale. Even though I am starting to somewhat understand the language, I dread opening the book because I have to work so hard for each line – and even then I may not get it all. I’ve only managed to finish one tale since the last update. We chose to take a break Friday and Saturday for the July 4th holiday, so I’ve read some other stuff. Believe me when I say it was hard to come back to Chaucer. Still, I’m roughly a quarter through the book, so I will press on.


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