A Harry Potter Post


Two pieces of Harry Potter-ish news have surfaced over the past 48 hours, and both are very exciting! As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am a big Harry Potter fan. Like a lot of people my age, I grew up with Harry. I reread the series at least once a year and I rank it my favorite series of all time. I have read the books, watched the movies, played the videogames. I have t-shirts and memorabilia.  I can’t think of anything else that has had the same effect on my life as Harry Potter, and I’m so grateful that I have gotten to be a part of this movement.

I’m also grateful that Harry is as popular as ever. Over on the Pottermore site, J.K. Rowling published a new short story today that revisits Harry and friends as adults. Writing from the perspective of Rita Skeeter, Rowling writes of the arrival of the leading members of Dumbledore’s Army at the Quidditch World Cup, currently in progress. With Skeeter’s trademark wit and snark, it’s hard to know what to believe and what to dismiss. But after all this time, it’s great to get a glimpse of our favorite characters, still alive and well. You do have to have a Pottermore account in order to read the article, but signing up is free, and so worth it.

The second piece of news isn’t about Harry Potter per se, but rather about Emma Watson. A successful actress and recent graduate of Brown University, she has been named a Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women, a gender-equality branch of the United Nations. Her post will focus on female empowerment and education.  For more, read this fantastic article over at Time, which is where I first heard the news! As a strong female character in the Potter series and a strong role model in the real world, I wish her luck in this new endeavor!



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3 responses to “A Harry Potter Post

  1. Rowling wrote Rita very well!


    • I love most of the Potter characters. I can’t really think of anyone off the top of my head that she didn’t write well. The whole world is very fleshed out, which is why it’s my favorite! 🙂


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