Game of Thrones Challenge Checkpoint

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

Every couple of months, my roommate Katie and I choose a book to read together. We try to choose something large enough to keep us occupied for a few days, typically over 500 pages.  It’s usually a book we have both wanted to read for a while but are intimidated by or haven’t gotten around to just yet. The object of the challenge is to see who can finish the book first. There are some restrictions – I don’t read when Katie is at work because she can’t read then, we can call reading breaks at other times if need be, no reading after we go to bed. This is such a fun challenge because we get to read the book together, talk about it, and there is always a prize involved.

This month’s challenge is A Game of Thrones. We’re both fresh to the series. We haven’t read any of the books or seen the show. But we love fantasy and this series is so popular, so it’s been on both our lists for awhile. We’re roughly halfway through, so I thought I would do a check-in post with some stats and initial thoughts.

My current page – 413

Katie’s current page – 330

Favorite characters – Daenerys Targaryen, Ned Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Bran Stark

Least favorite characters – King Robert Baratheon, Viserys Targaryen, Lord Petyr Baelish, Tyrion Lannister

House of Choice – Stark

Favorite Banner/Sigil – Targaryen

Show, Yes or No? – Yes

Guys, I really, really like this book. I worried that it was so hyped up that it would disappoint me. Instead, it is consuming me. There are soooo many characters and such a complex plot, but I’m following along fairly easily. This could easily become one of my favorite fantasy series – maybe it already is. I know that Martin has gained another follower and I’m excited to read the rest!



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12 responses to “Game of Thrones Challenge Checkpoint

  1. I love the show, so I really want to read this series. I might start next year. Would you say the book is intense and requires a lot of concentration? Or are you flying through the pages?


    • Mian

      I read the first two books in about two days. They FLY. He’s an old TV writer, so he knows how to introduce material and people. (okay, a lot of names and sigils get mentioned. but it’s okay to forget them, mostly. if they’re important, they’ll show up enough to remind you.)


  2. I’ll be honest – there’s a lot to keep track of. But I find that it’s easier than I thought it would be. Especially if you’ve seen the show, you should be fine. I’m going in new, so it’s a bit harder to keep track of characters and timelines and such. I’ve read a lot of fantasy though, so that fantasy mindset has been helpful.


    • Thanks for the advice! I used to read fantasy a lot, but have moved away from it over the years. My friend listens to the series by audiobook, but she says the keeping track thing is a challenge for her, so I won’t go that route.


  3. Yeah, I don’t think I could do the audiobook. The book is 800 pages, so listening to it would take a really long time. And it’s easy enough with the book to flip back and forth a little bit if I get confused.


  4. sassystyler

    You have started an amazing journey. I’m not usually a fantasy fan but this series is amazing.


  5. Mian

    You don’t like Tyrion? I didn’t know that was possible! 😉


    • A lot of people have been saying that. At the point of writing this, all I really knew about Tyrion was that he is crafty, witty, smart as a tack, and could be manipulative. That could go either way, and I just can’t trust anything about him yet. I’m sure my mind will change and he may be my favorite after I learn more.


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