Review – Destiny’s Anvil

Destiny's Anvil

 Title: Destiny’s Anvil

 Author: Steven Wells Hicks

 Publish Date/Age/Genre: 2014 – Adult Fiction – Realistic Fiction

 Rating: 3.5/5

Disclaimer – I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Publicity Services in exchange for an honest review.

The Story: Will Guidry and Tucker Callahan are a team. Tucker was the man who helped catapult Will’s career from backwater lawyer to Attorney General for the state of Louisiana. In exchange, Tucker’s reputation as a man who gets the job done is bolstered as well. But when Will sets his sights on the U.S. Senate, Tucker’s choice to back another candidate results in the end of Will’s career. Tucker’s brother Carter gets caught in the crossfire as Will and Tucker battle it out in court and secrets best left buried come to light.

The Opening Line: The mercury was still hovering above ninety when the three of us rolled up to the first set of gates at the state penitentiary in Angola.

What I Loved: I usually don’t read court dramas or books about politics. I read enough John Grisham when I was younger to sate my appetite for the genre for a lifetime. However, when I was offered the chance to read this one, the premise was intriguing enough to tempt me, so I bit. Hicks writes with a straightforward style that I really appreciated. He was able to keep the story moving and I didn’t have to work to understand the connections and plot, which is definitely a good thing. I was completely riveted as the story raced by, unable to pull myself away. I found myself wondering what would happen next as I drove home, ate dinner with my roommates, and read other stuff.

What I Didn’t Love: Drama. Holy cow, this story almost had more going on than I could handle.  Murder, betrayal, everything from an execution to a campaign to a court case. This was definitely more action-oriented than quiet character study. Speaking of characters, some of the characterization fell flat for me. I knew who to root for and who to hate, so it would have been nice to see more dynamic character growth. Plus, after spending the majority of the book on the ongoing struggle between Will and Tucker, Hicks pulled a Rowling with the prologue, dumping a major amount of wrap-up info into a few short pages.

Final Thoughts: I like to read outside of my normal genres and age groups so I can expand my horizons and give other books a chance to make an impression on me. While this book didn’t exactly rock my world, reading it was an enjoyable experience. It was a quick read, steeped in the author’s own experience working in the world of politics, and it did keep me riveted as it sped towards its conclusion. So if you like Grisham novels and are interested in the workings of politics, you might like this one.





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3 responses to “Review – Destiny’s Anvil

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  2. I also burnt myself out on John Grisham pretty young! I’ve gotten to the point where I just feel like all crime thrillers are the same and mostly don’t give them a chance anymore.


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