It’s Halloween!!! Why So Serious???

Comics have a long and illustrious history. We have our superheroes, Sunday comic strips, political cartoons, and today’s full-fledged graphic novels. For Halloween this year, I chose to portray an amazing villain from the pages of one of my favorite comic series.

Joker Jancee

That’s right, the Joker here. I heard that the Bat might make an appearance at ITT Tech today, so I figured I’d beat him to the punch. Nothing yet, but I’ll be ready…Lexington is mine!!!

How’d I do? Are you dressing up for Halloween, friends? Something literary, perhaps, or maybe a character from your favorite movie or TV series? Let me know – Halloween is my favorite holiday!



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4 responses to “It’s Halloween!!! Why So Serious???

  1. Happy Halloween! You look awesome!


  2. Great costume! I always procrastinate about a costume, and end up never having a good one ready!


  3. I usually don’t dress up – but they wanted ITT to be all over Halloween this year! So I did my part.


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