Review – The Serpent’s Curse

The Serpent's Curse (The Copernicus Legacy, #2)

 Title: The Serpent’s Curse (The Copernicus Legacy #2)

 Author: Tony Abbott

 2014 – KidLit

 Rating: 2.5/5

The Story: After successfully retrieving the first relic (Vela) and not-so-successfully retrieving a second relic in San Francisco, the kids learn that Sara is being held in Russia. With clues also pointing to the location of a relic in Russia, the group sets off in the hopes of beating an urgent deadline. Followed closely by Galina Krause’s goons, can the kids save Sara before she gets sent back in time?

The Opening Line: Twelve hidden relics. One ancient time machine. A mother, lost.

What I Loved: This series is full of action and adventure. The kids are regular globe-trotters, and a lot of countries, culture, art, and history make appearances. I love countries and culture and all that sort of thing, so this kind of global scavenger hunt premise (or gimmick, if you wanna call it that) always draws me in. Plus, these kids are super self-sufficient. Like, they put me to shame. They can solve puzzles, hold their own in a fight against goons, and travel on their own. I still can’t do these things.

What I Didn’t Love: You know what this book reminded me of? 39 clues. And Infinity Ring. And all of those other similar books. Like I said, the premise always gets me, but then I’m over it. Kids traveling, following clues, saving the world. It’s exciting, it draws in reluctant readers, I get that. But it’s getting old.

Final Thoughts: Will I read the rest of the series? Yes, probably. I will see the next book, sigh loudly, and read it anyway. It’s what I do. I can’t help it. And these books are typically hit or miss. Some will be better than others. So I hold out hope.


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