Review – The Eye of Zoltar

The Eye of Zoltar (The Chronicles of Kazam, #3)

 Title: The Eye of Zoltar (The Chronicles of Kazam #3)

 Author: Jasper Fforde

 2014 – KidLit – Fantasy

 Rating: 5/5

The Story: 16-year-old Jennifer Strange may be an orphan, but she’s a pretty important one. She runs Kazam Mystical Arts Management, is the Court Mystician for King Snodd, holds the title of The Last Dragonslayer, and has a pet Quarkbeast, one of the most fierce creatures known to mankind. So it’s no surprise when The Mighty Shandar seeks a meeting with Jennifer, beseeching her to track down the long-lost Eye of Zoltar, a relic so powerful it has the ability to turn the unworthy to lead. If she succeeds, Shandar will agree to not destroy the last two dragons on earth. If she doesn’t, there will be war.

The Opening Line: The first thing we had to do was catch the Tralfamosaur.

What I Loved: Jasper Fforde may be one of my favorite authors in the entire universe simply because of the quirk factor in his books. Think of the most outrageous, implausible, funny scenario ever, raise its level by about 10,000, and you have Jasper Fforde. Each time I dive into one of his books, I know it’s going to be a wild ride, but that I will feel exhilarated and end the novel wanting more. And so it was with this one. Thankfully, I know there will be more books in this series, otherwise I would be crying buckets of tears right now.

What I Didn’t Love: SPOILERS! STOP READING NOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO READ THIS BOOK!!!! Ahem. Anyway. You know how when you are reading Game of Thrones, you know someone is going to die and so you try not to get attached to any of the characters? I won’t say who dies, but it did make me sad. But maybe….just maybe….magic can happen in the next book and they can come back? Please???

Final Thoughts: Fforde is a consistently wonderful writer, and I adore ALL his books. Equally quirky, smart, and full of danger, The Chronicles of Kazam is a rare kind of series. You know, the kind that you want everyone to read. The kind there just aren’t enough of. Luckily, the series isn’t over, so I can expect more Kazam goodness coming to my life soon!



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3 responses to “Review – The Eye of Zoltar

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  2. I loved The Eyre Affair but haven’t read anything else by Fforde. I should though, because I love the quirk factor too!


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