Nonfiction November – The Restless Sleep

The Restless Sleep by Stacy Horn

 Title – The Restless Sleep: Inside New York City’s Cold Case Squad

 Author – Stacy Horn

 2005 – Adult Nonfiction – True Crime

 Rating – 4/5

The Premise: When there’s a murder, one of two things happen. Either the case gets solved or it goes cold and is often forgotten. But it can be hard for detectives to leave things unfinished, so the NYPD developed a hand-picked squad dedicated to solving these cold cases. In The Restless Sleep, Stacy Horn takes a look at the history and inner workings of New York’s Cold Case Squad, while highlighting four cases that the squad has worked on in past years.

The Opening Line: The minute you die you start to fade from the world and from the memories of the people who knew you.

What I Loved: I’m never gonna be a detective or a flight attendant or a mortician, but I still find those careers fascinating! So I love the kinds of books that give readers an insider’s tour to these industries. The Restless Sleep was particularly great at this – you can tell Horn put in a lot of time and effort for research. She talked with everyone from detectives to authority figures to a couple of the guys apprehended by the squad. She also sometimes went along with detectives to the different locales frequented by the squad. How’s that for dedication?

What I Didn’t Love: The book’s structure made it kind of hard to follow along. She set it up in such a way that history, workings, and cases are all kind of jumbled together, with chapters on each case spread throughout the book, but not necessarily together. I would have loved to see the first part of the book describe the history, then the inner workings of the squad, then conclude with concise, clear chapters focusing solely on each case.

Final Thoughts: I doubt that I would have ever chosen to read this book had it not been for Nonfiction November. That being said, I did enjoy it – and I absolutely learned a ton! If you like true crime, if you like crime shows, if you ever wanted to be a cop, this is a pretty great book. Also, it reminded me a lot of this video game I absolutely love – L.A. Noire. Gamers, go play it right now if you haven’t before!



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5 responses to “Nonfiction November – The Restless Sleep

  1. I’m glad you liked it and joined us for the readalong! I agree that the book was so good and shedding light on a career I’ll never have. I liked that a lot too. But yes, the structure was kind of hard to follow too. I am going to have to think about some other detective stories to suggest to people.


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  3. I love books about careers in general. There are just so many fun things people can do! It’s too bad this wasn’t organized better, but I still think I want to check it out 🙂


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