Bag of Bones Read-Along


Back in October, I took a scary step and joined up with Katie from Words for Worms for a ‘Salem’s Lot Halloween read-along. As I wrote in my discussion post and review, I loved my first experience with Stephen King’s horror so much that I wanted to read all his books right away…or never read another one again. It was soooo scary! During the read-along, and for a couple days after I finished the book, I couldn’t sleep for fear that one of King’s vampires would come scratching at my door.

So why bring this back up, you ask? Well, it’s simple. I’ve decided to rustle up my courage and join Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity for a read-along of King’s Bag of Bones. Like ‘Salem’s Lot, I have absolutely no knowledge of the book going in. But I’m excited (and terrified)!

This read-along is easygoing. All participants have to do is read the book by December 31 and link up their review or wrap up post. Easy, right? I think I’ll swing by the library tomorrow to pick up the book and maybe start it next week! If you want to join, just click on the link above for the announcement post on Trish’s page. Wish me luck (and good sleep) as I try to tackle another King novel!


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