Morris and Nonfiction Finalists Announced!

Have you heard the news?? That’s right, it’s almost that time again…ALA/YALSA book awards time! Each year at ALA’s Midwinter Conference, one of the highlights is the presentation of the Youth Media Awards. These awards include everything from the Caledcott Medal to the Printz Award to the Excellence in Nonfiction Award. This year, the presentation will be taking place on February 2 from 8-9am.

This may be my favorite library event of the year. I love watching the show from the comfort of my couch, waiting with anticipation as the winners are revealed, wondering if any of the books I love dearly have made the cut. In fact, I love the awards so much that I keep a binder of ALA award lists, with finalists and winners dating back to the inception of each award. My goal is to eventually have read each finalist and winner, to have a better grasp of YA literature and its trends throughout the years.

I know it’s still a couple months away, but the lists of finalists for the Morris and Nonfiction awards were released recently. I looked them over, and as always, I’m ashamed of how few I’ve read – or even heard of. This is why I keep a binder of the awards – so that I don’t miss something amazing!

How many of the finalists have you read?



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2 responses to “Morris and Nonfiction Finalists Announced!

  1. I actually haven’t read any of the nonfiction finalists! I often find that when I look at bestseller or award lists for nonfiction, I’ve read very few of them and that always surprises me because I feel like I do read quite a bit of nonfiction. I guess there are just too many books out there!


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