My Word for the Year – Discipline


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that a couple of bloggers that I follow (Sarah @ 12 Twenty Seven and Kim @ Sophisticated Dorkiness) have created posts in which they talk about choosing a word to define the year for them. A word they can mull over, strive for, and set as the centerpiece that they shape their lives around. This is a great idea that can help us live our lives with more intentionality, gratefulness, restraint, and more, so after some thought, I’ve decided to jump in and choose a word to help shape my 2015. There are a couple of official sites that encourage this practice and help readers with cultivation and accountability, but that’s not my kind of thing, so I’m going to look to my roommates, church friends, and life group for accountability.

As many of you know from reading, I often mention my church, Quest Community, in my Monday posts. Questers are particularly great at speaking words of truth over each other, so I’ve often had words spoken over me, words such as courageous, alive, loved, and more. But this time, I’m choosing a word for my life, one that I believe Jesus has for me as well. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to choose the word “discipline” for 2015.

See, here’s the thing. I’m great at making plans. At creating lists. At obsessing over the details and theorizing over the results of different scenarios. I can hope and dream and resolve with the best of them. But I’m not often great at follow through. I may intend to carve out a sacred space in the morning to spend time in my Bible with my journal and a cup of hot tea, but I’m more likely to ignore the alarm and sleep in. I may resolve to pack lunches for work and ignore the temptation of fast food, but leftovers look pretty paltry compared to a warm bowl of soup or juicy burger loaded with my favorite things. I may plan to build my savings account for unexpected emergencies, new tires, or a future vacation, but man does that new game look amazing!

So my word is discipline. I’ve learned how to live in amazing freedom, to let myself make mistakes, to rely on God instead of myself, to give myself grace. Now it’s time to add some discipline into the mix, to better order my life to use my time, finances, and energy more wisely. I’m going to take some baby steps to get myself into a great routine, and I’m making them public to hold myself accountable. As of right now, here are some areas of my life in which I am going to instill some discipline.

1. Use my tax refund to pay down credit card debt, then stop using the card – live within my means.

2. Carve out space at least a couple times a week to spend in prayer, Bible reading, and journaling.

3. Replace my soda intake with hot tea – keeps me from spending money on the machine at work and has added health benefits.

4. Put at least some money from each paycheck into my savings account.

5. Do meal planning better so that I can take lunches to work and avoid the fast food temptation.

Friends, will you help me stay accountable? And do you have a word for the year?



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3 responses to “My Word for the Year – Discipline

  1. I love this word. One of the things I’m coming to realize is that the way we make changes and live a satisfying life is by making good, simple, small choices frequently rather than big changes once in awhile. Doing that takes discipline — a perfect word for the new year!


    • It’s something that I’ve found myself repeating as I try to make those simple choices. “I don’t want to get up yet.” Discipline. “I really want a soda instead of drinking water.” Discipline. It’s been helpful and I’m seeing some small changes, although it’s also been a lesson in giving myself grace over failures.


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