Sunday Sagacity #1 – A Year in Discipline


A couple weeks ago, I wrote this post in which I talked about choosing a word for the year that would help to define and shape my 2015. I wrote about how I would need accountability, because while I’m great at making resolutions and lists and plans, I’m not always great at follow through. So I decided to carve out a space here on my site specifically for that purpose. I’m calling this new series “Sunday Sagacity: A Year in Discipline”.

According to good old Merriam-Webster, sagacity is “the quality of being sagacious.” To be sagacious is to “understand difficult ideas and situations and to make good decisions.” I’m hopeful that this will be a space where I can chronicle how I am practicing discipline and making good decisions as a result.

A lot of the areas on which I am focusing are interrelated, but I’ve basically boiled it all down to 5 areas.

1. Money – Pay off credit card debt, build savings account, and learn to manage money more wisely.

2. Quiet Time – Spend time with Jesus each day in prayer, reading the Bible, and/or journaling.

3. Physical Health – Do some yoga, hit the fitness center, or play basketball in the park – whatever gets me moving.

4. Healthy Eating – Reduce fast food intake, cut out soda, and learn how to plan healthy meals.

5. Intentional Living – Be in community, invest in relationships, start conversations.

These are the areas in which I find myself struggling. At the end of the day, I berate myself because I feel like these are things I need to focus on, but I get lazy. It’s all too easy to disregard these areas and hope for the best. But I’m ready and willing to change each of these areas in my life, one small step at a time.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve already started making small changes. I’ve added money to my savings account. I’ve been reading through Proverbs each day. I’m experimenting with yoga, packing (and actually eating!) lunches for work, drinking a heck of a lot of hot tea. But this is only the beginning – after all, it takes time and practice to change habits for good. So here’s to this space, where I can chronicle my victories and mistakes and hold myself accountable.

I’m ready. Here’s to a year in discipline!


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