Sunday Sagacity – Discipline Amongst Chaos


Welcome to Sunday Sagacity, my twice-monthly reflection series that I created to chronicle my year-long goal to instill discipline in my life in some key areas. Each week, I’ll very briefly touch on each of those areas. I’ll talk about my victories and my failures, and hopefully gain the motivation and accountability I need to carry out my goals.

Guys, the last couple of weeks have been hard. At work, I’m one of two library assistants that runs the campus Learning Resource Center. We split the job duties pretty evenly – she is there for daytime students, I take over for the night students. Last week, she accepted a job at another college as Registrar. I’m super excited for her, but the downside is that I’ll be doing the job alone until we can get another person hired in. So there’s just a lot of uncertainty in my job right now. In addition, my car overheated twice last week, so buying a car is going to be a priority soon. Plus, I was sick and I was dog-sitting for a friend all week. And I hit a reading/blogging slump. So you’ll excuse me if I went into survival mode rather than taking the thriving discipline route, right?

Money – I was able to put a bigger chunk than normal of my paycheck into savings, so that’s building slowly. It’s nothing impressive yet, nowhere near where I want to be, but at least I have some money there. Before, I never had money in savings, so I was literally always scraping by. This is progress. Also, I used my tax refund to pay down my credit card to under $350. Still a way to go in paying it off, but I feel much freer at this point than before.

Quiet Time – I really failed at this. I got to Proverbs 27, but then I just kept forgetting to read, so now I need to finish Proverbs and get back on track with reading something new. I haven’t journaled or anything, and I really haven’t had any time to myself where my roommates weren’t around.

Physical Health – It’s freezing here! So going outside for something physical isn’t an option. And with being run ragged all week, I haven’t really had the chance to do anything. I guess maybe I can count some of the stuff I did at work this week, because it involved lugging heavy books around in the bookstore and packing them in boxes to return to the publisher.

Healthy Eating – I ate out with Lindsey several times this week because I’m going to miss being able to grab lunch with her. But a lot of days I did pack a lunch. And I’m confident that the next two weeks will be good, because I think I shopped pretty well for lunch foods this time around. Plus, my roommates and I devised a plan to only eat out once a week, for a weekend lunch, unless of course we ruin a meal or something.

Intentional Living – I spent time this week intentionally being around Lindsey and just cherishing the time before she leaves. And I accepted the request to dog sit for a friend while she went with her family on vacation, so I got to invest in her a bit by bringing peace of mind in that area. Oh, my roommates and I have been watching episodes of Friends together each night and just having some great conversations, so those count too!

I think the next few weeks are going to be hectic and crazy, so I’ll need these small areas of peace and discipline to keep me grounded. Hopefully the next report will be better, and I’ll continue to grow, learn, and think more intentionally about how I’m living my life. Any tips or suggestions?



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3 responses to “Sunday Sagacity – Discipline Amongst Chaos

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  2. You are doing great, Jancee! Remember a little progress is still progress!!! Don’t beat yourself up about what you can’t do, but rejoice in what you have been able to do and how far you’ve come!


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