Sunday Sagacity – Progress in the Making


Welcome to Sunday Sagacity, my twice-monthly reflection series that I created to chronicle my year-long goal to instill discipline in my life in some key areas. Each week, I’ll very briefly touch on each of those areas. I’ll talk about my victories and my failures, and hopefully gain the motivation and accountability I need to carry out my goals.

This past week was so busy, but overall it was a much better week than the previous weeks. It was my first week of being the only librarian on campus for a while. So I pretty much had a million things to do and not really enough time to get everything done. But I found out a crucial thing that helped tremendously – I can do it alone. It’s harder. But I am not going to implode. It was also my roommate’s birthday on Friday, so I used a vacation day and we spent the day celebrating her. I’m really proud of the theme we came up with for her – a list of words, phrases, and truths that her friends and family have spoken over her. We printed out these words on colorful paper and taped them throughout the whole house! Such a fun theme!

Okay, on to the updates…

Money – I’m growing so much in this area. I’m steadily making it a priority to put some of every single paycheck (even a tiny, small amount if that’s all I can spare) into savings. So I think I’m changing my habits in this area. I’m also learning more restraint in everything from not buying things on a whim to restricting my intake of food and soda from the vending machines at work. I still have a long way before I’m where I really want to be, but I’m making steady progress. And with the expectation of some extra hours at work, my plan is to throw anything extra that I wouldn’t normally make straight into my savings.

Quiet Time – I finally finished Proverbs and I’ve moved on to Acts. My roommate Katie is reading along with, but it’s been pretty sporadic. Still, I’m reading at least a few times a week. I also have journaled several times and I find myself turning more and more to prayer in all those little areas where I’m worried or freaked out. That used to be my default setting, and it’s where I’d like to find myself again.

Physical Health – I’m finding out that I’m really bad at doing formal exercise type things. Like, really bad. But my body is really sore right now from the great workouts I got unpacking books, rearranging the bookstore, and shelving everything this week. As books and kits continue to arrive over the next couple weeks before start week, I’m sure I’ll continue to at least get some weight lifting in (seriously those nursing books are about 10 pounds each!).

Healthy Eating – I want to say I’m doing better with this. Lindsey not being around at work means I’m eating out less because I was always so tempted to grab food from wherever she went for lunch. I’ve eaten out a couple times with the roommates, but overall I’m packing more lunches and trying to be conscious of my snacking habits, which is easier now that they’ve replaced the ice cream bars in the machine with hot pockets (which I hate!). I also discovered that those tiny little nectarines make great lunch sides and snacks.

Intentional Living – I loved getting to invest in my roommate Jerelle for her birthday! It was such a fun day of shopping, eating, seeing a movie, and just hanging out and talking to each other and just being present without the distractions of work, responsibilities, or technology. And with more time in the evenings now, it’s easier to find time to hang out after work instead of coming home, eating, and having to go to bed.

Guys, I’m steadily making progress. I’m thinking about my money habits and what I want out of life. I’m focusing on restricting my fast food and soda intake and increasing time spent investing in others. It’s been good so far, and I’m learning a lot about why I do the things I do. I can’t wait to see even more progress and meet some goals and gain even more awareness of myself.




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3 responses to “Sunday Sagacity – Progress in the Making

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  2. All of this is very positive and I know you’ll get there!


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