Review – Zali Luna: Movie Star

Zali Luna: Movie Star

 Title – Zali Luna: Movie Star

 Author – Emma Jamvold

 2015 – YA – Realistic Fiction

 Rating: 3.5/5

The Story: Zali Luna has just been cast in her very first role in an actual film. It’s a dream come true…until she finds out that she’ll have to kiss her very cute and very famous co-star Oliver Lamond. The problem isn’t in kissing Oliver (any normal girl would love to kiss Oliver), the problem is that she’s never been kissed before. So she concocts a plot to kiss her (also very cute) driver for practice before filming the real deal.

The Opening Line: When the credits come up at the end of the film my name will be in them…Zali Luna.

What I Loved: This was a very short and lighthearted YA novella. Things that would have annoyed me greatly in other novels actually work really great here. For instance, reading the novella is like getting a glimpse into Zali’s private diary. So instead of being annoyed at her predicament and perspective, the technique instead worked to provide a very accurate picture of a nervous, overwhelmed teen that is afraid of failure when confronted with a big opportunity. The novella was fun, light, and of course there was a romance element that I was rooting for.

What I Didn’t Love: Stereotypical Emma. I’m sure that the stereotypical spoiled actor actually exists, but Emma just left a bitter taste in my mouth. As a character, she is mean and spoiled and used to getting what she wants when she wants it. I was hoping that by the end there would be some character growth there, but for the most part, Emma remained Emma.

Final Thoughts: This was a quick read that worked perfectly as a palate cleanser after finishing up a much darker novel. Zali is fun and accessible and thinks a lot of the same thoughts that many of us think, which makes her instantly relateable. It was a great novella for a lazy Sunday afternoon.



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3 responses to “Review – Zali Luna: Movie Star

  1. Sometimes among the giant problems of the world. it is nice to be reminded of problems that are smaller (at least to those of us who are grownup) like first crushes and first kisses!


    • Agreed. It’s really easy for us to look at teenagers as self-centered and shallow, but they legitimately haven’t had to face the same kinds of things that adults have. Their problems are huge for them, while seeming small to us!


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