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Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

I’ve noticed Brin from Brin’s Book Blog doing this meme each month, and I keep meaning to join in, so better late than never, right?? I may or may not have mentioned this a few (or a thousand!) times, but I love video games. I didn’t start playing seriously until college, although I’ve always grown up with a console or two, but when I really got sucked it, I just couldn’t stop! So I think this meme will be something I really enjoy, as it’s always great to find and connect with other gamers out there!

My Gaming Setup:

People are always surprised by how many consoles and handheld systems we own. I live with two roommates (we’re all gamers!), so we have a lot of gaming stuff lying about. Let’s see. Pictured are our SNES, PS2, Gamecube, N64, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. We also have a Wii, Sega Genesis, and a few handhelds lying around (mostly iterations of the DS/3DS). Recently, I preordered the limited edition Batman PS4 console, because I love Batman and I just couldn’t help myself. I have no idea where we’re going to put it. We keep all of our games and gaming peripherals (controllers, headsets, etc.) in special baskets and CD cases for easy storage.

Gaming Recommendation:

I never played Duck Tales growing up, so I don’t have those fond memories everyone else seems to have for this game. Still, I played it recently in the remastered version, and it was gorgeous. It really brought out a joy of gaming that can get bogged down by darker, more complex games. This made me feel like a child, with pretty easy controls, clear cut levels, and a simple story. I played on an easier setting and finished it pretty quickly, but I would definitely play this again!

Currently Playing:

I played Fable a long time ago, maybe in college or in our first apartment after college, but for whatever reason I’ve never gone on through the series. I’m really something of a mood player. I may start a game 4 times before it takes and I get hooked. Here’s looking at you, Skyrim. Anyway, my roommate tells me that the Fable games decline in quality as the series progresses, but so far I’m really loving Fable II. It’s bigger than Fable I, much smaller than something like The Elder Scrolls, and hits a sweet spot for the RPG genre. There are side quests and you can have a family and a job in addition to playing through the main quest, and your actions do result in later consequences to a degree. Super fun game!

Anyway, I hope I actually remember to do this each month! Friends, do any of you game? I’d love recommendations or just to geek out over gaming in general!



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13 responses to “Read Play Blog – My Gaming Setup

  1. Ana

    Thank you for joining in, Jancee! We love having new people join us! 😀

    Heart eyes at all of those consoles! It’s so awesome that you and your roommates have this collection. 😀


  2. Yay, I’m so glad to have you join us with this meme! I’ve heard great things about the Fable series, I haven’t picked them up before though. You have so many retro consoles!


  3. Awesome selection of consoles! I never had a SNES though I wish I had one! My fiance went through a phase of buying older consoles and bought a couple of ZX Spectrums (all different models – of which I have no idea what the difference was…lol), a Sega Megadrive, and an Atari but no SNES *sad face*. 😉 I still have my beloved Gamecube though (I loved that console).

    I really love your setup with all the consoles – it’s a real gamer’s paradise!!


    • Thanks! The Gamecube is one of my favorite consoles ever – it was Loz: Wind Waker that really got me hooked and I remember a fond summer spent exploring every inch of that game!


  4. Yay! Someone else who has pretty much every console they can get their hands on, lol. I had mine out like this a few years ago, but I had to pack them up because they were taking up so much space that I needed. DuckTales was one of my favorite games growing up and I want the remastered copy so badly, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Fable II is my favorite of franchise, 3 was okay. It a ton of potential but just didn’t quite get there, but it was still a fun game nonetheless.


    • Yeah, that’s what my roommate was saying, that Fable had so much potential but couldn’t pull it off completely. Still, enjoying it is what matters, right? And I do enjoy it.
      I found Duck Tales on sale and picked it up because I thought it was something my roommate would like, but so far I’m the only one who’s actually played it!
      My goal is to own as much gaming stuff as I can. I think I’m doing fairly well.


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  6. What a fun meme! I’m a PC gamer so my gaming setup is pretty simple 🙂


    • I don’t really play many PC games. I have a Steam account, but I use that mostly for indie games that I can’t get elsewhere. Oh, and Portal, because the bundle was on sale much cheaper than buying physical copies! 🙂


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