Sunday Sagacity – Post Vacation Update


Welcome to Sunday Sagacity, my twice-monthly reflection series that I created to chronicle my year-long goal to instill discipline in my life in some key areas. Each week, I’ll very briefly touch on each of those areas. I’ll talk about my victories and my failures, and hopefully gain the motivation and accountability I need to carry out my goals.

I’m finishing up a week-long staycation, and it’s been fabulous. My week has been filled with video games, movies, reading, board games, great food, and more! I’m dreading heading back to work tomorrow, to be honest. It’s been a much needed week of rest and relaxation that I wish could stretch on forever. Don’t we all?

Money – Well, got my brakes on my car fixed, so that was a hefty chunk. But this is an extra paycheck month, so no worries. I’ll be able to replenish, plus put extra money toward debt. So not too bad overall. I did buy a couple games, Concept and Love Letter, but it was expendable money. And I probably ate out a bit too much, but that’s what you do on vacation, right?

Quiet Time – Our health challenge is officially over, so this has slipped once again. It seems that good intentions aren’t everything. But it’s back to feeling more organic and needed and replenishing when I actually sit down to have time with Jesus. I just need to do it more often.

Physical Health – I’ve mostly sat on the couch throughout the past week, but before that I wasn’t doing too bad. The fitness center at my apartment complex is nice, so it’s easy to get in and get out. Another area of physical health I worked on this week was to go to the dentist. It’s been a while since I had a cleaning, so I’m starting over with a clean slate and plans to keep regular 6 month appointments. Next week I’m going to the eye doctor, so I feel pretty good about my overall health.

Healthy Eating – Today we are baking bread for the first time. It’s currently in our loaf pans waiting to go into the oven, so I’m super excited about trying it. The recipe is for a whole wheat bread – we’ve never baked bread before, but it’s something we want to do instead of just buying bread all the time. So that’s my healthy eating achievement for the month. And it’s probably not even all that much healthier. Darn.

Intentional Living – Okay, this is cool. On Tuesday, we went to a local game store, The Rusty Scabbard, to check out their game selection and look for the game Concept. We found so much more! The game selection is stupendous, and we did find Concept (and Love Letter!), but more than that, we found a place where we fit. An employee took the time to sit down with us and play through a game of Evolution, then invited us to a standing Tuesday night gaming group. We’re so excited to meet new friends and get involved in the community!

As I head back to work tomorrow, I have to immerse myself back into the world of people. It’s been a perfect world of isolation and laziness, but I gotta get back up and buckle down on the tasks ahead. More on that next time!



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