Review – Batman Volume 7: Endgame

Batman, Vol. 7: Endgame

Title – Batman Volume 7: Endgame

Author – Scott Snyder

Release Date – September 22, 2015

Rating – 3/5

Source – NetGalley

The Story: The Joker is back and bigger than ever. He’s grown bored with Batman and is ready to finally finish him off. To do that, he’s going to hit Bruce where it hurts by first taking down Gotham while Bruce is immobilized. Can Batman and friends come up with a plan to halt the impossible? Or will Gotham (and Batman) finally go up in flames?

Thoughts: I’ve been following Snyder’s work on the new 52 Batman with great interest. Before a few years ago, I wouldn’t have described myself as a superhero fan. But then I kept seeing rave reviews for a little game called Arkham Asylum. At first I resisted, due to it being a superhero game and all, but the game’s description and setting caught my curiosity. I finally broke down, bought the game, and got obsessed. I fell through the Batman rabbit hole – the games, the Animated Series, the movies. I immediately loved Batman’s rogue gallery – each character with his or her own origin story, tragedies, and motivations.

I’ve never really felt as though a story were hopeless though – even in the worst times, the expectation that Batman will save the city shines bright. Endgame is the first time that I thought it could actually be the end of Batman. The Joker is in particularly vicious form, spreading a toxin throughout Gotham that reduces everything to chaos. And this time around, there’s a new added layer to our villain. An interesting twist adds a potential detail or two to Joker’s origin story, revamping what readers thought was known and well-tread.

All through, the action ramped up until it reached a startling climax, leaving a cliffhanger ending that simply begs for the next installment. Even if I had hated this volume (which I didn’t, of course), I would keep reading simply to know what happens. Snyder always manages to intrigue me and leave me breathless. I’m proud to be a Batman fan.


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