How to Halloween: Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay

     For the last three Christmases, my roommate Jerelle has gotten me Legend of Zelda themed merchandise. First it was the Master Sword. The next year, she followed up by getting me the Shield of Hyrule. And last year, I unwrapped a delicate ocarina, which is a sort of potato shaped instrument.
     So that made my costume idea for this Halloween really simple. After all, I had a ton of accessories already. All I needed were clothes and a few more accessories and I too would be ready to save Hyrule. I just needed to decide which Link to choose, because he can look pretty different in different games. Since I had the ocarina, I made the obvious choice of Link from Ocarina of Time.
     It was actually a pretty easy costume to put together. I pretty much purchased everything I used; I only modified the shirt a teeny tiny bit. But I wanted to write a post about the process anyway in case there are other would-be heroes out there who are looking for ideas.
Materials (And Where I Got Them)
Boots – Gordman’s for 19.99
Leggings – Meijer for 9.99
White Undershirt (Long Sleeves) – Gordman’s for 7.99
Green Tunic – 2XL green t-shirt from Hobby Lobby (5.99) that I modified just a bit
Blue Hoop Earrings – Walmart for 5.99 as part of a pack
Green Hat – Amazon for 6.99
Brown Arm Warmers – Amazon for 6.02
Sword Belt – Amazon for 15.50
Brown Belt – Used a belt I already owned
Rupee Bag – Handmade by a friend
Sword/Shield/Ocarina – Amazon
Halloween 2015
     The boots, legging, and undershirt are easy enough – just put them on. The green t-shirt goes over the white shirt. I buckled my brown belt around the shirt (just where it felt comfortable), and then I made my modifications. If you get a t-shirt that is a few sizes bigger than you, it should provide an appropriate tunic length. The sleeves were way too long, so I just rolled those back and safety pinned them. I also cut out a small V at the neckline. Be careful with this. On my first t-shirt, I made the V way too long and had to get another t-shirt. You want to start small here.
     After getting dressed in the basics, move on to the accessories. I originally had a fantastic pair of fingerless gloves and some leather gauntlets/arm bracers picked out on Amazon, but they became unavailable right before I put the costume together. So I opted for the arm warmers instead. They were a little long so I just folded them down toward my hands, which had the added bonus of bulking them up and making them appear more gauntlet-like. The hat came ready made, although if you’re crafty, you can certainly make your own pretty easily by buying an extra t-shirt, measuring out two triangles, and sewing together. Just measure your head regardless of which way you go – my hat is a tad bit small on me.
     If you opt for earrings, they should be small-ish. I opted out of elf ears since my hair covers my ears, but those are readily available at most Halloween stores, from Amazon, or from more specialized retailers such as this pair from Aradani Costumes. The sword belt I simply bought and buckled on. My replica sword fits through pretty well, but I have no idea how Link pulls the sword out and is ready for battle in an instant – I can’t reach it! If you have a small leather bag, you can tie it to your belt. This is where I’m carrying my ocarina, but my cell phone fits in there as well! Perfect for Comic Con!
     Speaking of sword and shield, a lot of people opt for foam versions. I got lucky – my roommate picked out some really great replicas. One negative side effect – so heavy! And with my sword strapped on, it’s hard to sit down, visit the restroom, or walk through doorways. Still, it’s worth it.
     And that’s it. Not really too many components, and the great thing about this is that you can go super chill or super authentic. And if you’re really lazy, you can even buy the officially licensed costume here, although I personally think it looks pretty dumb.
Halloween 2015 2
Are you dressing up for Halloween? I want to know all about it in the comments!!


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