Happy New Year!

     Happy New Year, everyone! I’m sitting here at my desk at work waiting eagerly to clock out – we get to leave at noon today to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Typically, the roommates and I head down to stay with Katie’s parents, who always host a New Year’s get-together with snacks and games and of course watching the ball drop. This year Katie is going alone, but that’s okay because I’m looking forward to a long weekend filled with peace and quiet and just slowing down a little bit.
     The holidays were absolute madness. I feel like the past week or so has been chaotic and non-stop, so I’m really looking forward to settling down and resting. I spent Christmas with my family down in Russell Springs. With no Internet or cell service, I really had to step away from technology and relish the time with my family. Of course we had a great meal and opened gifts and played games, but my favorite thing was watching all those sappy Hallmark movies that my grandmother adores. You know the type – girl meets boy, boy tells girl he is a prince, girl meets boy’s family and doesn’t fit in, girl and boy realize their love is stronger than any royal tradition. Those movies are always utterly predictable and usually have similar themes, but for some reason, I just can’t stop watching. Yes, I realize they are unrealistic. Nope, don’t care. Do any of you watch Hallmark nonstop this time of year?
     As soon as I got back home after Christmas, the roomies and I loaded up the car again and headed out to hang out with a friend for her birthday. She had rented out a cabin for the weekend, so we went over early to help her prepare for her party. We got to the cabin just after dark…boy, I wasn’t prepared. This wasn’t exactly the type of rustic cabin one might expect – it looked like our own version of some horror movie. Creepy 70s’ era wallpaper, a dark unfinished basement, way too many windows, and oddly placed light switches helped complete the look. I ended up pulling an all-nighter because there was no way I was able to sleep there. Did finish a novel though, so there’s that.
     I loved the blogging break I took over the month of December. I used the time to focus on catching up on different series and some other books that just caught my attention. Confession time – I almost decided to shutter this space for good. I did a lot of thinking over the month off, mostly about how relaxed I felt, how sometimes I dread writing, how the book blog world is already so saturated. But I love writing and I love books, so here I am for at least a little while longer. So I turn to you guys. Is there something you want to see more of? Less? Any ideas or thoughts?
     Signing off now because the coworkers and I are heading to a celebratory lunch, then I’m heading home to play some of the 9(!!!) Steam games I bought during the holiday sale. Happy New Year, be safe, have fun!

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