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To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel?

To Kill a Mockingbird

Have you heard the news? After more than 50 years, Harper Lee is publishing a second novel, a sequel to the always famous To Kill a Mockingbird. It will be called Go Set a Watchman, will release on July 14, 2015, and will revisit Scout as an adult.

Although the novel is only now being published, it was actually completed in the mid-1950s and then lost until recently, when the original transcript of TKAM was unearthed, with the manuscript for GSAW attached. After running the idea of publication past a small group of trusted friends and confidantes, Lee has decided to bless the world with its release.

TKAM was a runaway success, winning a Pulitzer, inspiring a classic film, and becoming required reading for millions. It enjoys continuing popularity to this day, and for sure many of Lee’s fans have wondered why the author never published a second book. For many, this announcement is the fulfillment of impossible hopes and dreams.

I’m sure the world is eagerly awaiting July, but until then, check out this NPR article for more info.



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Roomie Reading Challenge – HP Series Update 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)

Here’s a confession for you. I never expected this challenge to take this long. I thought a week, tops! When I was younger and the books were still releasing, I would blitz through them in anticipation of each installment. But alas, adulting is much harder than being a child – a full-time job, time constraints, and other responsibilities have all contributed to the length of this challenge. But I think we’ll wrap things up over the next few days and move on to other things.

HP #1 – Jancee

HP #2 – Katie

HP #3 – tie

HP #4 – Jancee

HP #5 – Katie

HP #6 – Jancee

We are about to start The Deathly Hallows. Since Katie only finished book 6 a few pages behind me, I suggested that we start book 7 together. Make it even. Just as Harry and Cedric entered the maze together in the final task of the Triwizard Tournament, Katie and I will begin the final installment of this journey together. It’s been close. Maybe she’ll win. Maybe I’ll win. Either way, this has been a blast, and I’ve loved every single bit of it.

Jancee’s Thoughts: In Harry Potter related news, have you all heard that there is going to be a new set of full-color illustrated HP books? According to pretty much everything I read on the subject, they’ll release 1 book a year, the first of which will release later this year and ending with Deathly Hallows coming out in 2021. One of my friends made the comment that it would be almost like waiting for the original books to release – that sense of wonder and anticipation and the joy of reading. I already own 1.5 sets of the books, but I’ll for sure buy these again! The artwork that has been released so far is gorgeous! My favorite source for information on this is this fantastic article over at Mental Floss. Enjoy!

Katie’s Thoughts: I love these challenges.  I love that we typically do a book we have both never read before, but that for this challenge we chose the complete Harry Potter.  It’s always a blast to go back and reread, and for me one of the most fun parts of this challenge was the unexpected reminiscing with people on the days of waiting for the book releases. Friends I’ve barely talked to in years saw that I was rereading, happened to be rereading as well, and talked with me about the waiting, the theorizing, the waiting, the fan fic writing, the book releases, etc.  And as much as we complained about the long waits between books, how awesome would it be now, to have a Harry Potter book to look forward to? Oh, wait, full-color illustrated Harry Potter, did you say? Yes!

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Morris and Nonfiction Finalists Announced!

Have you heard the news?? That’s right, it’s almost that time again…ALA/YALSA book awards time! Each year at ALA’s Midwinter Conference, one of the highlights is the presentation of the Youth Media Awards. These awards include everything from the Caledcott Medal to the Printz Award to the Excellence in Nonfiction Award. This year, the presentation will be taking place on February 2 from 8-9am.

This may be my favorite library event of the year. I love watching the show from the comfort of my couch, waiting with anticipation as the winners are revealed, wondering if any of the books I love dearly have made the cut. In fact, I love the awards so much that I keep a binder of ALA award lists, with finalists and winners dating back to the inception of each award. My goal is to eventually have read each finalist and winner, to have a better grasp of YA literature and its trends throughout the years.

I know it’s still a couple months away, but the lists of finalists for the Morris and Nonfiction awards were released recently. I looked them over, and as always, I’m ashamed of how few I’ve read – or even heard of. This is why I keep a binder of the awards – so that I don’t miss something amazing!

How many of the finalists have you read?


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