Review – Changeless

Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, #2)

 Title: Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate #2)

 Author: Gail Carriger

 2010 – Fiction – Speculative Fiction

 Rating: 4/5

The Story: Alexia and Conall are married and settling nicely into Woolsey Castle. Or maybe not so nicely, as Alexia wakes one evening to find an entire regiment encamped on her front lawn, her husband abruptly leaves on a trip to Scotland on pack business, and a mysterious occurrence first in London and then moving northward renders the supernatural set entirely human. Once again, and this time with the power of the Crown behind her, Alexia must take matters into her own hands to restore sanity and normalcy to her world.

The Opening Line: “They are what?” Lord Conall Maccon, Earl of Woolsey, was yelling. Loudly.

What I Loved: Once again, I was blown away by the humor liberally infused throughout this book. It almost felt satirical at times, as some of the characters were just so over-the-top. Ivy and her hats, anyone? I also really enjoyed the attention to detail. We have the inventor/hat maker who may also be a spy, an air trip to Scotland by dirigible, a parasol that can rain acid, and a full range of steampunk elements that just made the book for me.

What I Didn’t Love: Same as last time. Even as an average-length novel that was easy to get into, it seemed to take forever to read.

Final Thoughts: Carriger is great at creating unique story lines that blend seamlessly with the Victorian setting and steampunk style. I never felt confused or left behind, and the different characters and elements felt unique and fun. As I continue through the series, I expect the rest to live up to the expectations that I now have based on these first two books!


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