Review – The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2)

 Title: The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2)

 Author: Rick Yancey

 2014 – YA – Post-Apolcalyptic

 Rating: 3/5

The Story: After rescuing her little brother from the Others at Camp Haven, Cassie and some other survivors hole up in a nearby hotel to wait for the mysterious Evan Walker to keep his promise and return to Cassie. But with Silencers at large and Commander Vosch continuing his plan for world domination, the survivors must choose between waiting and striking out for a safer location.

The Opening Line: There would be no harvest.

What I Loved: This installment was definitely an improvement over the first book, which I didn’t find all that impressive. The Infinite Sea felt easier to read, smoother, and I was a bit more invested in the outcome. I also loved getting Ringer’s perspective on events, especially as she becomes a major player later in the book.

What I Didn’t Love: Unanswered questions.  How does Grace (a Silencer that Evan is acquainted with) fit in? What makes Evan so important? And why did everyone keep mentioning the damn rats?? Also, I think I’m just a bit burned out on post-apocalypse/dystopian type books. It gets harder and harder to read stories about alien invasions, the fight for survival, competitions between teens that change the world, etc. Anyone else with me?

Final Thoughts: I have this thing about not being able to leave a series unfinished, so I’ll read the next book. That being said, I hope it’s the last book. I didn’t hate this book with the passion I’ve reserved for other books, but it was definitely a meh experience for me. Other people really, really seem to like it, though, so it may just be me on this one.


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